Beyond Flexner Alliance

Social Mission in Health Professions Education

mediumflexnerBeyond Flexner is a national movement, focused on health equity and training health professionals as agents of more equitable health care. This movement takes us beyond centuries-old conventions in medical education to train providers prepared to build a system that is not only better, but fairer.

Our Story

Our Story The Beyond Flenxer movement started with a 2012 conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that brought national attention to medical schools with strong social mission commitment, created a forum for...

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Featured Publications

These publications will give you a deeper understanding of what the Beyond Flexner Alliance has been able to accomplish.

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Beyond Flexner 2016

Interprofessional education and practice are essential components of a transformed health system. The 2016 Beyond Flexner Conference offered a unique opportunity to learn more about the movement and how to...

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Voices: Classroom, Clinic, Community


Social Mission

The Social Mission of Medical Education: Ranking the Schools Fitzhugh Mullan, MD; Candice Chen, MD, MPH; Stephen Petterson, PhD; Gretchen Kolsky, MPH, CHES; and Michael Spagnola, BA Background: The basic...


Announcing the 2016 Beyond Flexner Conference

SEPTEMBER 19-21, 2016 | JW MARRIOTT MARQUIS | MIAMI, FL Inter-professional education and practice are essential components of a transformed health system. The 2016 Beyond Flexner Conference offers a unique opportunity...


Oklahoma launches School of Community Medicine to combat historically low national health rankings

University of Oklahoma and University of Tulsa partner to train medical students Oklahoma ranks near the bottom in most national health statistics and health systems performance measures, and the state...


SocMed and EqualHealth: Educating Beyond the Biologic Basis of Disease

Post by Melissa McCoy, Daniel Mays, Cassandra Fox, Michael Westerhaus, Michelle Morse and Amy Finnegan. SocMed Haiti, 2013. Cultural Objects, Personal Narratives. In both the SocMed Uganda and Haiti courses, students...


A State-Based Strategy for Expanding Primary Care Residency

Originally posted on Health Affairs Blog: http://healthaffairs.org/blog/2015/07/31/a-state-based-strategy-for-expanding-primary-care-residency Post by Arthur Kaufman and Charlie Alfero As the health care system looks to improve overall health and reduce unnecessary spending, primary care physicians...


What “Right Care” Should Be

Post by Shannon Brownlee, Senior Vice President, Lown Institute When the CEO of one of the nation’s premier medical groups writes a blog in a national magazine saying that over...

Health Score vs Cost - Comm Fund 2014

The Supremes and ACA: Is opposing coverage for the poor really just mean?

Post by Josh Freeman; originally posted on http://www.medicinesocialjustice.blogspot.com/ In the context of the historic and momentous Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage across the US, and its affirmation of the...


Beyond Flexner at TEDxFoggyBottom

Fitzhugh Mullan’s TEDx talk on the Beyond Flexner movement


Health Equity is a Civil Rigths Issue

Read Vice Admiral Vivek Murthy’s comments on social determinants of health and health equity during his swearing in as Surgeon General on April 22, 2015: “Today in America, who you...

camara slide

Racism and the Social Determinants of Equity: Camara Jones at Beyond Flexner 2015

Conference speaker Josh Freeman shares his insights into plenary speaker Camara Jones’ allegories on racism and social determinants of health. http://medicinesocialjustice.blogspot.com/2015/04/racism-and-social-determinants-of.html