Sonal Batra, Member

Sonal Batra, MD, MST is a practicing physician and assistant professor in the George Washington University’s Department of Emergency Medicine. Her primary areas of interest are health professions education, community engagement, and social mission.

She currently serves as Assistant Program Director for the Emergency Medicine Residency and oversees the residency curriculum. Additionally, she works with the Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine to develop web-based curriculum for post-graduate training programs across India. In conjunction with the George Washington Health Workforce Institute and the School of Medicine and Health Science’s Office of Diversity she works on a pipeline program aimed to increase the number of underrepresented minority students from the Washington, DC area who enter health professions.

Dr. Batra’s involvement with the Beyond Flexner Alliance started in 2014 when she co-directed the Beyond Flexner 2015 conference. She has remained involved with social mission metrics development and organizing Young Flexnerians. She completed her emergency medicine residency, including a year as chief resident, in 2014 at the George Washington University. She received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology and medical degree from Northwestern University in the Honors Program in Medical Education. Between undergraduate and medical school, Dr. Batra spent two years teaching middle school science with Teach for America. During that time she earned a Masters of Science in Teaching from Pace University in New York City.

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