Defining and Measuring the Social Accountability of Medical Schools

Countries worldwide increasingly demand more value for money in health care. Medical schools, which both shape the health care system and are shaped by it, must continue to be socially responsible on their own initiative. In addition, they must accept and acknowledge being held to account by society: they must demonstrate social accountability. This paper proposes a framework by which medical schools can gauge their progress in helping promote health care systems characterized by a balance between relevance, quality, cost-effectiveness and equity through their activities in education, research and service delivery. Further studies are suggested to test the validity of the framework and nay tools resulting from it, define more specifically the benchmarks of progress in addressing social accountability, and expand the framework to apply to other health professions schools and health sector insitutions.

Citation: Boelen C, Heck J. Defining and Measuring the Social Accountability of Medical Schools. Geneva, Switzerland: The Word Health Organization. 

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