Partners in Caring and Community: Service-learning in Nursing Education

As national trends in health care delivery shift to community based settings the integration of service learning into health professions education becomes an increasingly important issue for health professions educators, students and communities (O’Neil & Pew Health Professions Commission, 1998). The PCC program is one model that can inform nurse educators, students and communities as they work together to transform nursing education and solve community problems. The articles written by PCCC team members are a resource for nurse educators who seek to transform and enhance their own curricula to reflect community-based education and practice. Given the nursing profession’s historic commitment to community, the articles in this issue demonstrate the contributions the profession can make in the service-learning movement underway in other health professions and in higher education as a whole (Zlotkowski, 1998).

CitationSeifer SD, Vaughn RL. Partners in Caring and Community: Service-learning in Nursing Education. J Nurs Educ. 2002;41(10):437-9.

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